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Wisconsin Repo Laws - Repossession Laws



Because the Repo Laws - Repossession Laws may change from time to time, please check the Wisconsin Courts website for updated and complete Repo Laws - Repossession Laws in Wisconsin.



Repo Laws - Repossession Laws in Wisconsin:


Where do I refer to for Title or License Registration?

For state Title and License Information, refer to:


Wisconsin Division of Transportation, Vehicle Records

P.O. Box 7911

4802 Sheboygan Avenue

Madison, Wisconsin 53707-7911


Telephone: (608) 266-1466.


Fee for search of records is $2.00, and requests should be sent to:



Hill Farms State Office Bldg.

Madison, Wisconsin 53702.

Security Interests:

Shown on title held by lienholder.


Recording Requirements:

Per the Uniform Commercial Code adopted July, 1965: Filed with Registrar of Deeds in county where owner resides and with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Recovery Requirements:

Act 255 establishes a new method by which a merchant may take possession of motor vehicle collateral or goods subject to a motor vehicle consumer lease without undertaking judicial proceedings, often referred to as self-help repossession. To do so, a merchant must mail (either by certified or registered mail) to the customer a notice that, among other things, includes the following information:

1. A statement that, as a result of the customer’s default on the consumer credit transaction, the merchant may have the right to take possession of the collateral or goods without further notice or court proceeding.

2. A statement that if the customer is not in default or objects to the merchant’s right to take possession of the collateral or goods, the customer may, no later than 15 days after the merchant has given the notice, demand that the merchant proceed in court by notifying the merchant in writing.

3. A statement that if the merchant proceeds in court, the customer may be required to pay court costs and attorney fees.


4. The creditor's name, address, and telephone number, along with a brief identification of the credit transaction, such as a loan account number, and brief description of the collateral.

The Act also provides that a merchant who repossesses motor vehicle collateral or goods under a motor vehicle consumer lease must notify, verbally or in writing, the local law enforcement agency about the repossession. This notice may be given either by the creditor or its repossession company. The notice must include the creditor’s and borrower’s name, the name of the repossession company (if one is used), and a description of the motor vehicle being repossessed. A person who intentionally violates this provision may be fined not more than $500, an exception to the general maximum fine of $2,000 found in s. 425.401, Stats.


Redemption Requirements:

Fifteen (15) day redemption.

Deficiency Requirements:

Wisconsin has strict requirements, so we recommend contacting a local repossession agent.

Special Motor Vehicle Provisions:

Certificate of Title bears lien.

Documents Required to Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle:

Title in lienholder's name or certificate of title with lien release; certification of repossession on approved state form.


Documents Required for Liquidation:

Title, Repossession Affidavit, and Copy of Contract.



Remain with the owner / debtor.


Recovery requirements and fees are current as of 2007.



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